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Rodent problem Hong Kong

Rats are omnivorous nocturnal mammals that live in groups. They have a keen sense of smell, touch and hearing. They are good at climbing and swimming, have high jumping ability, and have a strong memory. They can distinguish positions and act on the basis of memory. In addition, rats are extremely capable of reproduction. Female rats can give birth to about 50 pups each year. Once they find a suitable shelter, they have the opportunity to hide and multiply. Rat control is very important to prevent the spread of diseases by rats. Nearly a dozen diseases are directly related to mice, and the leptospirosis that once prevailed in Hong Kong was also spread by mice. In addition, the fur of mice may carry secondary pests such as fleas, mites, and ticks. Rats are very viable. If they enter your home or commercial premises, they will spread diseases, cause serious losses and contaminate food.


There are three main categories of mice in Hong Kong

1. House Mouse

2. Norway Rat

3. Roof Rat




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6 signs of rat infestation

Rats are nocturnal animals. They usually move between dusk and dawn. They hide during the day to avoid being discovered by humans. It is much easier to spot signs of rat infestation than to spot them.

The following are some signs that can quickly identify a rat invasion, which will represent a potential rat infestation problem.

  1.  Rat droppings-The brown rat droppings have a dark brown cone, like a grain of rice.
  2.  Teeth marks-they need to bite wood or plastic to grind their teeth.
  3.  Friction marks-the grease and dirt on their bodies will leave stains and black marks on the places they often touch. These marks may indicate the activities of the rats.
  4.  Rat Hole-The Norwegian rat is a well-known digger. It digs a deep cave system as a shelter, food storage point and rat nest. You can look for caves near compost, slabs, garden sheds, or garages.
  5.  Rat's Nest-Rats use fragile materials, such as newspaper and cloth, and other soft materials to fill the rat's nest as a nest.
  6.  Rat footprints-dusty areas can show rodent traces and tail prints, such as attics and basements that are less exposed.

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Truly Care・Rodent control methods

  1.  Truly Care will send professional mouse control technicians to the site to inspect the site, and evaluate the severity of the damage by the mouse by looking for the walking path, feces and bite marks of the mouse.
  2.  Make a comprehensive plan for the location of the rat station, and point out the possible passages for the rat , So that guests can repair in time.
  3.  The company uses rat poisons registered and approved by the AFCD(HK) as bait baits. (When necessary, use the sticky mouse board to enhance the rodent control effect.)
  4.  Check the rat station regularly during the guarantee period and report the latest rat situation to the guests. (Not applicable to one-time services)














Media coverage and our pest extermination process






Do I need to move furniture before pest control?

In most cases, there's no need to move furniture extensively. However, if there's an excess of clutter in your unit, we recommend that clients move the clutter aside to create space for our technicians to apply the treatment.

What is your method of pest control?

For different cases involving infestation, varying in species, severity, and affected area, we tailor our control methods accordingly. The actual procedures for treatment are determined by on-site inspections conducted by our technicians.

How do you charge for your services?

Our pricing policy is absolutely transparent and open. We provide actual quotations based on the specific requirements of each case, without any inflated charges or hidden fees. Prices vary depending on factors such as the location, size of the area, and complexity of the situation. Quotations can be provided over the phone or on-site. Feel free to contact us via phone or WhatsApp at 24588378, or fill out the contact form on our website, and we'll respond promptly.

Do you provide maintenance after the treatment?

For customers who purchase our termite treatment services or sign short-term or annual contracts, we offer maintenance services. (One-time services or treatments for rats, bed bugs, and fleas are excluded.) The actual maintenance services will be priced by our Customer Service Department colleagues.

How many treatments are needed to completely eliminate pests?

Generally, the number of treatments required for each case needs to be assessed after consulting with our Customer Service Department. However, for sudden cases that arise, most can be resolved after three rounds of treatment in a short-term program.

Do your technicians have relevant certifications/professional training?

All our technicians have completed pest control courses organized by the Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education and obtained satisfactory results. Additionally, our company regularly organizes technical training seminars to enhance and update the professional knowledge of our colleagues.

Are the pesticides you use safe?

The pesticides we use are all imported from abroad and registered and approved by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. They are safe for both humans and pets, and only after ensuring their safety do we choose to use them.

Do pets need to be removed from the premises during pest control?

Generally, the pesticides we select are harmless to both humans and animals. However, please notify us in advance before the treatment process begins so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Can pest control be conducted if there is a newborn baby at home?

Generally, the pesticides we use are harmless to both humans and animals, so pest extermination can be carried out without any concerns.

Can cleaning be done after pest control?

We recommend that customers wait at least three hours after pest extermination before cleaning.

Do we need to vacate the premises during pest control?

Customers do not need to leave their homes unless the unit requires fumigation treatment.

Do you handle severe pest control cases?

We cover all 18 districts in Hong Kong, including the outlying islands, and we can assist customers with their pest control needs. We have experience dealing with pest control in various locations such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, commercial buildings, large housing estates, construction sites, government facilities, and public parks managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Rest assured, we have the experience and confidence to address your pest problems!

Are your employees directly hired by your company?

All our employees are directly hired by our company, and we do not outsource any work. We guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our service. If customers have any questions or concerns, they can contact us directly, and we will follow up immediately.