Bed bugs

本頁圖片/檔案 - message-eng-Bed-BugsBed bugs,stributed all over the world. Whether in Hong Kong or around the world, bed bugs are very troublesome and are becoming more and more serious. Bed bugs are distributed all over the world. Most commonly found bed bug species in Hong Kong that readily bite humans are Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus.  Bed bugs can be brought home through your luggage, clothes, bags etc. and by carrying just 1 single surviving female bed bug home, it can spell disaster. The hidden danger of bed bugs is high in some public places, such as hotels or movie theaters where people can rest. Bed bugs may be carried home through luggage, clothes, backpacks and other items. As long as a female bed bug is brought home, it may cause serious bed bug infestation.


Know more about Bed bugs

  • Bed bugs are easy to spread but difficult to control, and difficult to control, which is likely to cause a dramatic increase in number. Therefore, whenever bed bugs are found, they must be treated immediately.
  • Bed bugs can be introduced into the house from furniture or personal belongings. Whether it is a large room or a small room, it is possible to be infested by bed bugs.
  • If we do not take effective bed bug prevention measures in time, when they invade the house, bed bugs can spread in various areas of the room one by one, and even spread to other locations in the house.
  • The skin bitten by bed bugs will show signs of redness, swelling and itching. Repeated bites of bed bugs may cause sleep and mental distress.:




本頁圖片/檔案 - message-2-8engTruly Care(HK)・Bed bug elimination plan

  1. Please remove all sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, curtains, sofa covers first, put them in a big plastic bag and tie them up. *Attention, please try to do the above actions in rooms where bed bugs are found to prevent bed bugs from spreading to other rooms*. Then use hot water above 50 degrees to soak clean and then use a dryer to dry at high temperature.
  2. Empty closets, bedside tables and drawers for inspection and pest control. Put the clothes in a clean plastic bag and tie the knots and dispose of the clothes as in point 1.
  3. Use a professional hot steam machine to spray steam with high-performance pressure to steam and wash mattresses and pillows, and directly kill and remove young lice and bed bug feces buried in tiny cracks.
  4. Use safe and environmentally friendly drugs imported from the United States (low toxicity). They are mainly sprayed on the bottom of the bed and in the cracks of the closet that people cannot touch. The advantage is that the drug is tasteless and residual, and can pierce the surface of the lice eggs and make the bed. Lice slowly poisoned and died.
  5. Truly Care (HK) has been using professional high-temperature steam steaming and cooperating with government-approved safety and environmental protection drugs to eliminate the treatment within one month, effectively according to the growth cycle (adults, larvae and eggs) and their living habits. The lice are completely eliminated.

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