We clearly understand that providing pest treatment services for multiple service sites at the same time is a relatively greater challenge. Whether it is multiple service locations in the same area or hundreds of locations, you need a unified service and an effective service plan to manage pest control problems in the entire location. In terms of catering and business, we provide extremely comprehensive services to meet the needs of different industries. We can enable major industries to enjoy a truly insect-free space at a relatively affordable price. Nengdi (Hong Kong) will also use different environmentally friendly and more effective baits and a variety of professional equipment to help you cut the bottom and solve the pest problem.


Our solution


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The technician will on-site to conduct a field survey and communicate with the person in charge

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Technicians will conduct surveys before pest control to understand the types of pests and the affected location

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Make a pest control plan. Make monthly adjustments to the on-site pest situation


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According to the pest control plan, use safe and efficient bait to cooperate with retained pesticides for pest control. In addition, rodent bait monitoring stations are deployed in locations where it is needed (such as unloading areas, garages, garbage rooms, etc.), and rodent control will be carried out in places where it is needed (such as kitchens and warehouses). Knapsack sprayers are used in conjunction with sanitary insecticides to spray the flying insects in places where they are needed (such as garbage rooms and underground garages). *Regular use of water emulsion and ultra-low volume sprayer to control flying insects in the lobby and guest rooms as needed*

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Technical supervisors or quality inspectors will visit customers and check service quality

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Provide a "100% guarantee" service commitment. If there is any dissatisfaction with the effect after the service, we will follow up for free until the effect is improved. *Not applicable to single service customers; Truly Care (Hong Kong) reserves the right to make the final decision*